Glastonbury’s Shangri-La announce theme for 2015

Shangri La Hell Stage

Shangri La Hell Stage

Shangri La, one of the top attractions at Glastonbury, have announced their election inspired theme for 2015. This time round they’re giving a gentle nod to the governmental proceedings in the corrupt vale of Westminster with their new storyline, Politics, Sholitics.

Without question, a unique spectacle and one of the most extravagant attractions on the entire global festival scene, Shangri-La is definitely has to been seen before you die. Every year Debs Armstrong and her team transform a quiet corner of the festival fields into a realm twisted around their wildest imaginings. Work is still taking place on the site, with even more diabolical and beatific curiosities becoming part of the mix. If you’re  one of the chosen few lucky enough to have a ticket to Glastonbury this summer, then this is one part of the site you simply must check out on your wanderings.

Want to have your chance to have your voice heard? Rather than relying on the real world demagogues and hierophants you can get your message across at Shangri-La. Simply send them a tweet @ShangriLaGlasto using the hashtags #shangrilaglasto #shangreelection or #sholitics and they’ll make your words into a banner or slogan that will be viewable somewhere in the site.

The original Shangri-La was born in 2008, adopting the narrative of a hedonistic pleasure city that was choking on its own excesses. The citizens suffered under a corrupt administration, before rebelling against their leaders only to die when a deadly virus took its toll on this urban utopia.

Following the death of the pleasure city in 2012, Shangri-La transcended into the Shafterlife, comprised of two main sections – Heaven and Hell. This time round the Hell section looks like it’s going to be taken over by seven different political parties, all voiced by the 99% desperate for change, ready to make their point. Heaven on the other hand is a haven away from the idealistic machinery of the election, where the citizens have made their own paradise by simply getting on with it.

This mind-expanding and soul-affirming sideshow will be open right the way through the Glastonbury Festival of the  Contemporary Performing Arts – from 6pm to 5am every evening. You can your friends will get lost in the maze of nano-venues that surround the Hell stage and the gardens of Heaven.

Glastonbury Festival takes place at Worthy Farm, Somerset from Wednesday 24th to Sunday 28th June 2015. For more information, see our Glastonbury guide.