Glastonbury bans nitrous oxide from Stone Circle



Glastonbury has asked guests not to bring nitrous oxide gas into the King’s Meadow during their 2015 festival.

Liz Eliot, co-ordinator of Glastonbury’s Green Fields, put out a statement on the festival’s website today; “I’m writing to ask for your help in reclaiming the King’s Meadow – our Festival’s Sacred Space – as a place where people can gather in peace, for fun and spiritual awakenings.”

The statement goes on to add that the practice of taking nitrous oxide is polluting the King’s Meadow with litter and noise, and that the gas itself is around 300 times more dangerous to the environment than carbon dioxide.

Glastonbury was originally chosen as a festival site for its links with traditional English pagan culture, Stonehenge and King Arthur. The field is the home of the legendary stone circle, which is linked to the Summer Solstice and is thought to represent some kind of astrological tool that early English cultures used to help worship.  Most of the year people are banned from the site, and it is only during the Glastonbury festival that visitors can make their way inside the monument, which has taken on a spiritual dimension for many who attend the event.

Tickets for the Glastonbury festival regularly sell out in a matter of moments, so if you’re looking to attend your best bet would be the 2016 event. For information on line-ups and news, check out our Glastonbury page.