Glastonbury Fence Flyer Fined

David Hoare Glastonbury

David Hoare Glastonbury

A man whose magnificent attempt to enter Glastonbury using his plucky wit and a paramotor flying machine has been fined.

Remember when there wasn’t even a fence to climb at this top UK party? Well the installation of tall fences in recent years coupled with rising costs has clearly pushed amateur aviator David Hoare to the limit.

Following his aerial attempt to enter Glastonbury in 2015, he was given a £400 fine for flying in restricted air space over Worthy Farm.

The 59 year old used a paramotor to try to illegally enter Glastonbury. This flying machine is constructed out of a parachute that can be guided with a small propeller engine, which is strapped to the flyer’s body.

Mr Hoare flew over the Park Field before ditching down in the Sacred Space. Unfortunately for him his trajectory had been tracked by security personnel, who were on hand to make sure that he could not melt away into the crowds.

In a case of twice bitten who gives a shit, this isn’t the first time he has tried it on either. The repeat offender had a devious try at the same feat back in 2010, resulting in a £250 fine from Yeovil magistrates back in November 2011 with £100 costs.

According to eFestivals, there are reports from 2004 and 1997 of a paramotor landing in the sacred space, but it’s understood in both cases that the perpetrator disappeared into the crowd.

So if this is the same guy, and he’s been at it all this time – then it sounds like he’s doing OK in terms of a win/lose ratio. Not that we’d condone such a thing, of course.

Glastonbury festival takes place from Wednesday 22nd to Sunday 26th June at Worth Farm, Somerset. Tickets sold out quicker than a 12 stone bloke falling out the sky without a paramotor. As usual. The resale will take place in spring when the full line up is announced.

Watch this space for the line-up announcement

Photo credit: Western Gazzette