Is it too soon to be thinking about the summer?



Is it Festival Season yet?! Sadly not, but on reflection what an incredible summer of Festivals 2012 was. Whether you’re into the small and twee, or the enormous, big name events there’s no denying that this country does festivals extremely well! What better place for us English to express our eccentricity?

Festival fashion is an intrinsic part of festival culture and each year increasing numbers of people are getting into the spirit and wearing more outlandish clothes and costumes. Trends on the high street come and go, but when it comes to festivals there are some staple pieces that never go out of style. This year in particular has seen the rise of some trends which have established themselves as essential kit. A reflection on this summers’ best looks combined with an inside knowledge of predicted trends for 2013 means we can tell you exactly which items will help you to make an impact in next summers’ fashionable fields:

Wellies are an essential of course, but Hunters is a brand that particularly stands out for any true festival fashionista. Events like The Secret Garden Party and Bestival were host to endless pairs this year, and if they’re good enough for the Queen they can’t be all bad. You may have already spotted the heeled range, but please don’t be tempted to stumble around a field in these no matter how much they ‘lengthen your legs’ and ‘improve your silhouette’! You can benefit from the flattering advantages of a heel in a far more practical – and inexpensive – pair of wedge style wellies from, the appropriately named, Wedge Welly company. as featured on Dragon’s Den.

Rain macs are practical and a good idea to have on hand, ready for wet weather – preferably a transparent variety so that the outfit you’re wearing underneath can still be visible – but they are by no means the big cover-wear story for festivals in 2013. Swap last year’s poncho for a cape this summer and you’ll really have the edge when it comes to looking cool while keeping warm from day to night. Blanket capes are our favourite, they provide effortless chic and the best source of comfort since SJP and Kate Moss made it acceptable to don a onesie!


Shades have always been a staple, but this festival season has seen the rise of embellished sunglasses – set to be even bigger news next season. Perfect to hide, transform & add sparkle to even the most tired of eyes. Another big accessory must-have of this season is the bum-bag  or as we like to call it, ‘the hands free kit’. The best part is that it’s attached to you so you can’t lose it!

Top Hat

An unexpected hit this summer has been the Victorian style Top Hat for men. Something about getting muddy in a field seems to bring out the distinguished English gentleman in you all apparently. Spiffing! Less of a surprise was the continued popularity of Feathers. High street ‘Boho’ may well have long gone but feathers at festivals will never go out of fashion! Whether you prefer a single feather tucked into your hat, a pheasant feather crown or a full on feather Mohawk… feathers are almost as essential to your festival kit as wellies, and long may that continue!


Make up is probably the most trending area of festival fashion this year. It’s all about the glitter, sequins, gems and fake eyelashes – for both men and women – and there’s nothing like a face full of gold to make you feel like a million dollars in your hour of need. With make-up stalls set up at most of this year’s festivals – it would seem that the incredible, sparkly creations of artists like In Your Dreams (featured in The Secret Emporium this year) and Imelda’s Emporium of Vanity, are pushing the face painting and body art that has always been around at festivals into the back seat. Instead, both men and women are covering their faces in glitter and gems… What could be better?

Is it too soon to be thinking about summer…? Of course not!

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