The Hevy Music Festival 2012 preview

Hevy stage dive

Hevy stage dive

It’s been a little while since I attended a festival purely for the music, so when I discovered Hevy I was pretty excited. Unlike Download this festival is smaller and more affordable (and won’t clash with your exams). Unlike Sonisphere, Hevy will actually go ahead. And unlike Hellfest it’s held in the UK. Hevy may be the newborn in the world of heavy music festivals but it’s still going to make your ears bleed. Heres why.

The music is shit hot for a start. Not only has Hevy sourced some of the loudest acts from across the pond to headline the festival, including: Andrew W K, Descendents, Glassjaw and Converge, the line up across the board (which by the way is 3 stages) is pretty epic. There’s very little ‘easing in’ during the earlier part of the day. Belgium based Campus will wake you up on the Saturday and Attack! Vipers! are set to shake your breakfast up first thing on Sunday.  This sets the mark for the entire festival, some of the best names in punk and hardcore and great heavy bands you may not have discovered yet fill the rest of the weekend. Hevy have made a good effort to support UK music too including the likes of  Feed the Rhino, Bury Tomorrow, Crocus, Rolo Tomassi and The Safety Fire. The blend of metalcore, hardcore, post- hardcore and that slightly newer offbeat-glitchy-hardcore-that-makes-your-dancing-legs-confused is going to make this festival one of the most brutal smaller festivals the country has to offer.

Have I mentioned the price? £96! Oh and the location… Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, in Kent and YES you do get access to the animal park included in your entry fee. I’m not sure what the gorillas are going to make of a load of noisy twenty somethings with long black hair and holes in their ears invading their park for a few days, but it’s got to be more interesting than a bunch of whining children covered in snot and ice cream right?

The festival begins on Friday 3rd August with the campsite opening at 11am however the Friday is designed as a ‘less important day’ with a slightly less impressive line up. Great for those who have to work. The music ends Sunday night at 1am and campsite kick out time is midday on Monday the 6th. Once you have left the festival site you will not be allowed to re-enter and you will only be allowed to take alcohol into the campsite on your first trip from your car. This is all fairly stated on the information section of their website so it’s probably best to abide by the rules.

Open flames are not allowed except disposable bbq’s in designated areas, so if you want to eat sat around by your tent it’s probably best to bring some bread and cheese. Alternately head into the main area where Caterfest will be providing a selection of hot tasty treats, including veggie and vegan options.

Other than that: have fun and dance hard.