Adventures in the Festival World: A Few Words with Andy C

Andy C

Andy C

When you think of DnB legends, they don’t come much bigger than Andy C. This gold plated legend of the scene has been rocking audiences for well over twenty years with his savage blend of off-beat rhythms, darker than dark basslines and punchy kicks. A man with his considerable talents is understandably in demand an array of top summertime festivals both in the UK and abroad. We managed to secure a few moments of this scene superstar’s time in order to riff with him about his upcoming Creamfields performance and his thoughts on the current party scene.

You are one artist who has a pedigree that stretches back to the days of rave. I myself remember you from the Long Dark Tunnel days and many of my friends refer to your big hit record Bodyrock as Bodysock…

Haha. Excellent.

So my question to you is this. How do today’s festivals measure up to the biggest outdoor events from the halcyon years?

Back then I wasn’t actually old enough to go to festivals. I made those tunes before I was even old enough to go to the clubs. In the day the production and sound often left much to be desired, but the old school vibe was incredible and that’s what carried it and everyone remembers. All that new stuff we’d never experienced before, which I guess has inspired people who put on the festivals now.

Which festivals are you thinking of attending without your DJ hat on?

Zero, because I don’t have a single free weekend, but when I get out to events I am sure to have a little fun soaking up the sights and sounds

Let me come up with a quick, better question then. When was the last time you were out at a festival and felt the old school vibe that you mentioned?

I don’t know. Everybody’s old school vibe is different isn’t it? I don’t really go to festivals and think “I am looking for a bit of old school vibe” because it’s about being here and now in the moment. I simply go out and experience the festival in front of me like EDC in Vegas with the glitz and the glam and the 400ft long stages with fountains and fireworks, which are outstanding. In the same way I loved the Wildlife festival with its big top, heads down, smashing out the beats. However I’ve always loved Glastonbury and can’t wait to play that this year.

If you had your own festival what would you call it and who would play?

Laughs. That is an off the cuff question I couldn’t possibly answer.

Andyfest? C-Fest?

Yeah. I dunno. I’ll leave that for the marketing department.

Would you have DJ Hype come play for you?

I’d have everybody come play for me. Five minute sets that take us through the entire history of DJing.

One of the biggest events you’re DJing at has to be Creamfields – amongst the best EDM parties in the world. How has this event changed over the years for you?

It’s changed on a personal level. The crowd has got bigger. I never went in the early days as it wasn’t a big DnB event. I’ve probably been going for the last 5-6 years and now it’s morphed into a spectacular event for me where there’s a massive crowd waiting for you. I’ve also noticed how Creamfields now takes in visitors from all over the UK. My cousin’s travelling up from down south and it’s become one of those landmark festivals that caters for everyone.

You have a name in the industry for having some of the most eclectic and unexpected tunes in your record bag. Any chance you could tell us what rare cuts you might be dropping at Creamfields?

I have no idea because it’s two and a half months away, but I do always like to delve into the vaults as I love playing through the ages. I might drop a little bit of Babylon from Flash…

Is that the one that goes “oooh Babylon, yeah… alright”?

Laughs even harder. That’s Radio Babylon from Meat Beat Manifesto. You’re going even older school. That was one of the first tunes that I ever heard with an off-beat at a rave off Oxford Street. It blew my mind man, I had to go home and try to copy it – to no avail I might add, but that tune was massively inspirational for me.

We were all too off our heads to remember the names of any tunes back then.

Of course you were. I was just that one bloke who had to go and find the tunes that we’re being played. That was a totally exciting record for me. If you listen to the beat, it’s one of those really early Ravecore vibes with heavy bass that went on to inspire many more creations.

Have you had much experience of playing at the growing number of overseas festivals in places like Croatia? What overseas events are currently rocking your world?

I loved the Exit Festival in Serbia. Playing there was an unbelievable experience as I got to follow Billy Idol. What more can I say? He’s a superstar doing Rebel Yell and White Wedding with the crowd going bonkers. Then they change the stage and wheel out a set of decks and you’re like right then, let’s do this – it was unbelievable.

What is your best memory from the Creamfields?

The vibe there is incredible. I simply like getting there and being part of the crowd. 2013 was definitely a special year for me. It wasn’t about who was playing, because the atmosphere and the people were incredible. Going round the stages, being involved with the crowd, you could simply feel an incredible energy that made just you have it.

And how do you plan to approach Creamfields this year?

I’ll get there early and find out where I’m playing. Then I’ll take a look at the line up and hot-foot it round and find something good.

Standing at the back of the tent hoping no one recognises you, so you don’t get mobbed by loads of fans saying “hey, there’s Andy C”?

No it’s not like that. I love walking through the crowds at Creamfields, because they’ll come up to you and take a photo and all of that and then tell you they’re looking forward to a bit of DnB – only they’ll be in the House or Hard Dance tent. That’s the beautiful thing about this festival. People understand different types of music now, and moving from place to hear the best in all kinds of sounds.

Do you have any words for the fans?

I have nothing but love. The feedback that you get from the fans is a beautiful thing and the vibe that everyone brings is what I myself vibe off.

And there ended our fifteen minutes of fame with Andy C.

If you fancy getting your rocks off and your groove on down at Creamfields 2015 with a line-up that brings together a host of the top stars like Avicii, Knife Party, The Chemical Brothers, Laidback Luke, Skream and many, many more, then simply hit up this link for tickets, news and all the information your little hearts could possibly desire.