Standon Calling 2016 Review

Standon Calling Day 1 by Daisy B

Standon Calling Day 1 by Daisy B
It was only after returning home, with traces of blue glitter and seaweed in my hair, that I was truly able to appreciate what a fantastic festival Standon Calling is. I was a Standon virgin yet my hopes for the festival were high. The previous years photos all looked like innocent family fun. One of those festivals you turn up, see a few average bands and then everything is quiet by 11pm. However, my assumption was drastically wrong, at least in the average bands and quiet evenings aspect.

Standon Calling is one amazing, consistent party and we loved every second. The music was non-stop and, with the CowShed playing music until 4am, there was music playing from the moment we arrived till the moment we left. House, Dance, Funk, Folk, every genre was catered for over the weekend with every type of entertainment to compliment it. I mean, it’s not often you can tell people you danced to funk music in an abandoned cow shed at 4am whilst transvestites strut their stuff on stage. The atmosphere was electric, people were dancing at every bar, tent and stall and had never looked happier. Not only did the music set the mood but so did the location. Incredible art installations scattered Standon and huge shipwrecked structures made for fitting stages. The Legends of the Lost Sea theme was fully embraced by everyone. Sea shanties were sung, staff were talking with pirate accents and even the cups encompassed the sea spirit. Saturdays costume parade featured an array of sea creatures, mermaids and pirates from across the country. My personal favourite has to be the group of men dressed as lobsters or perhaps the drunk Captain Birdseye who we bumped into at 3am.

Day 2 Standon Calling by Gaelle Berri

Day 2 Standon Calling by Gaelle Berri

Highlights of the weekend for me were discovering upcoming, promising bands. Clean Cut Kid, a four piece band from Liverpool, performed their new EP We used to be in Love. Their scouse accents and funny stage presence made me, and many others, immediate fans. GhostPoet also lit up the Big Top tent but in a moody, dark way with his soulful voice making a nice contrast against the pop music of main stage. Standon clearly has a knack for spotting future talent as the Laundry Meadows stage was one brilliant band after another. NGOD, Flyte, Animal Noise all had their own unique sound and are now safely downloaded onto my Spotify.

The wonderful Jess Glynne and Kelis did not disappoint as headliners either. Hits such as Bounce and Hold my Hand had the whole crowd dancing and singing. The family vibe flowed through the whole festival and you could, quite literally, feel the love. Everyone was friendly and helpful and the Wellness area kept the feeling of peace even after the insane CowShed nights. Hot Tubs, therapists and aura reading were all available but I tried morning yoga which, considering my hangover, was actually quite easy and very relaxing. Along with the Wellness area there was a communal fire pit, a hidden wood and a wealth of community activities. Face painting, glitter art and the swimming pool proved a hit with all ages. We cheered strangers performing karaoke, cuddled people’s dogs and celebrated what felt like a 100 hen parties. It was one big, happy, hippy family with everyone celebrating together, forgetting reality for one magical weekend.

Standon you were not what I was expecting. You were bigger and better than I could have ever imagined, the people, the music and the set made it an unforgettable weekend. Thanks for all the love Standon and I will see you next year.

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Main photo credit: Daisy B Photography