Which drugs are most popular at the top festivals?



Who says the internet is full of useless knowledge? It looks like www.drugabuse.com has managed to put together a survey to find out which drugs are the most popular at fifteen of the Western World’s top festivals.

They’ve used a little bit of a leftfield method of gathering their data. Rather than asking wide-eyed and shit-faced party heads directly, instead they’ve gleaned their facts from mentions of drugs on the popular social media site Instagram. Well, if you’re high enough to share the contents of your bloodstream on social media, then some might say you deserve to end up yet another statistic in our increasingly quantified world.

So modern data harvesting techniques aside, what notable findings did this survey come up with? Well, to help illustrate their Sherlockian style deductions, they’ve displayed their results in a rather nice infographic. Are you likely to be shocked by what you see? For us the answer are all a bit choreographed and predictable. Perhaps if they’d had a larger data pool from considerably more events we could be impressed.

Discussing the results they have produced however, it looks like ravers at events like Electric Daisy Carnival are understandably piping down the pills and mandy. Whilst if you want a hallucinogenic experience, dancing on the edge of your sanity with substances like DMT, the so called dead man’s trip, then you’re much better off at Burning Man.

Glastonbury is one of the top places for pissheads to go, cementing its status as one of the more mainstream parties on the festival block. Junkies who like to party seem to like a mix of events, indicating that you don’t really give a fuck what you get up to when you’re smacked off your tits. Golden Brown, texture like summer.

Do you think these results are right? If you’re into certain substances does this influence your choice of party destination, or do you go for the crowd and then think about getting off your face as a kind of secondary issue? Even though we’d like to know the answers to these questions, perhaps you should keep your thoughts off social media as you can never be sure who’s using you for their next infographic.


Via: Billboard