Dutch designers LamZac introduce their inflatable sofa – The LamZac Hangout

The LamZac

The LamZac

Photo credit: LamZac

The LamZac Hangout is an inflatable sofa. It takes advantage of the new air valve technology that’s not unlike plumping out a bin bag. You simply expand this slightly indented sack, and voila – a new age hipster style sofa that be used as a general lounge around device.

Are we likely to see festivals revolutionised by these instant loungers? With a generation finding it more difficult to come out from behind the screens of their smartphones at parties and social occasions, it would be small wonder if the LamZac Hangout became a bit of a trendy success.

You don’t have to have the mind of Salvador Dali to picture rows of young people, hungover from the previous night’s substantial binge, perched out on their Hangouts. No doubt a whole subculture will arise from these lifestyle accessories.

It won’t be uncommon to see the first videos of socially unaware nineteen year olds who have parked up their Hangout in the middle of a dancefloor, only to fall asleep and become a spectacle of festival receptacle balancing skills.

Equally we could imagine a whole new game taking place where big, drunk lads will literally dive bomb one end of a Hangout to make the incumbent occupant fly a couple of feet in the air, and become rudely dispatched on the grass.

Although the hangout definitely seems like a hit for camping sites, and therefore we’re not discounting it as a great piece of festival furniture, it seems like the propensity amongst the great inebriated for fun and hijinks wouldn’t be able to leave this one alone, should it enter the arena.

Still, we may be proved wrong and this could become a real sensation for 2016 with much peace and love being enacted and enjoyed from the soft, airy seat of a LamZac Hangout.

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