Ten acts to look out for at Boomtown Chapter Nine


BoomtownAs Boomtown’s Chapter Nine slowly draws nearer, it’s time to peruse the lineup for those shows you can’t wait to see. If you don’t have the time to paw through the more than 500 acts (!) that are performing this year, here’s a list of bands and people to look out for that should get your festival appetite going:

1) Arrested Development – Town Centre

With their feel-good songs that everyone will know, of course Arrested Development have to be up there as ones not to be missed. Bring your friends and a big smile, and they’ll bring their legendary old school funky hip hop.

2) Soom T – Trenchtown

A personal favourite, Soom T has a pretty unique style. She toasts, she sings in quarter tones, and her one love philosophy is delivered in her distinctive Scottish accent. Last year we saw her with her all-girl band; this year, despite the already high standards, she’s still stepping it up by playing alongside reggae legend Dawn Penn and DJ Earl Gateshead.

3) Bobbie Johnson – Barrio Locco

Sometimes known as the rapping Adele, this Brighton based lyricist is on the rise. Producer of many of her own tracks, she’s full of snappy lyrics and beats to make you stamp your feet – her swaggering energy is one to behold.

4) dgoHn – DSTRKT 5

If you’re a fan of Aphex Twin, dgoHo (pronounced “John”) will likely be right up your street. The producer of works of “drumfunk”, a micro-genre of drum and bass, dgoHo’s music is meticulously created, full of never-ending drum solos and dreamy sounds.

5) Sounds of Harlowe – Wild West

Smooth and jazzy while funky with touches of R&B, Sounds of Harlowe is developing a big name – particularly for their great live performances.

6) Ginkgoa – Mayfair

If you love electro-swing and you love a good party (and when isn’t live electro-swing a good party?), this is the band for you. Frontwoman Nicolle Rochelle’s unquenchable energy is contagious, and their live performances have been likened to those of electro-swing greats Parov Stelar and Caravan Palace.

7) Mouldy Soul – Forest Parties

Half hip-hop, half glitchy, half-popped beats, this is music to wobble your body to. Described as “friendly and danceable and funky” by Mouldy Soul, his glitch hop is both futuristic and has a deep “wavy” beat to keep the forest moving.

8) IAMDDB – Barrio Locco

Dreamy yet sassy, IAMDDB combines smooth backing music with confident, chilled vocals. Aside from being someone I can’t wait to see at Boomtown, IAMDDB was the person I put straight on my iPod as future chill out music as soon as I heard her.

9) Fourward – Sector 6

If you’re looking for some absolutely filthy drum and bass then Sector 6 is always the place to be – and no more so than with this band. Grab your messiest friends, get your head down, and get ready to skank your hands off.

10) Petrol Bastard – Chinatown

The daftest riot on the whole line up. Miss these and you’ll be missing the biggest joke at Boomtown Chapter Nine.

See you there!

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