Mutiny 2017 preview: In da field

Mutiny Festival 2017

Mutiny Festival 2017

Oh, my god. The dark days have been so long. Yes, I’m a student, and no I have very little else to do but think about kicking it off at a festival. Irony aside, these dark winter days have felt so long that I have almost counted the hours, waiting for the summer season to begin. And as luck would have it, May equals the awesome Mutiny Festival.

Running you through the facts, the Mutiny festival is held in Portsmouth on the May bank holiday. You get that all important extra day off afterwards, giving you a day to sit around nursing your hangover and watching that endless series on Netflix you don’t have the strength to turn off.

In the past, I’ve always swerved Mutiny. It’s one of those things. You have a great event on your doorstep and it seems ordinary and happenstance. Festivals should be about camping in a location where you can disappear after three days and your misdoings are forgotten. I’ve always had a degree of apprehension about what I could get up to when it might be remembered.

Mutiny 2017 line-up

After being at University for three years now, I really have no excuse. It’s time for me to come home and go out to the Mutiny festival. Nothing of course to do with the heartache I’ve been feeling for missing out on Snoop Dogg back in 2015 and all the conversations about how great this event was where I was sadly excluded. Now 50 Cent is playing Portsmouth, I definitely won’t be on the wrong side of the chit chat again.

I’ve always been a big fan of 50 Cent in that guilty pleasure kind of way. Of course, we all like to pretend that we are not mainstream or too into the popular sound, but come on – you can’t help but love Candy Shop and In Da Club from this legendary performer. My best friend has been head over heels in love with him since she was 15 and when he comes on stage I reckon she will collapse into a cascade of tears.

Alongside 50 Cent, Lethal Bizzle, TQD and House music legend Roger Sanchez will be heading up a bombed-out line up that presents a ton of great Dance, Hip Hop and Grime. I missed TQD when they came to my University town, because of deadlines, but thanks to the miracle of Snapchat I was almost there. The Bizzle will also be getting my attention as Fester Skank has been top of the girl’s pre-drinking anthem list and guess what? There’s going to be a whole load of pre, during and post drinking going on at this festival.

The line-up of heavy set legends is nicely contrast by up and coming artists. The whole however is somewhat like an education into the stylistic evolution of the Urban sound, with some real heroes gracing the page. Big Narstie, Big Tobz, Roni Size. If you need to know who these names are…

On top of this I shall be indulging my penchant for that cheesy 1990s Ultra Dance Pop sound with the Rhythm of the Nineties. If festivalling is about forgetting your airs and graces and just bloody having it with a big old smile on your face, then this really is the tonic for the sour gin of everyday life. Even though the energy might be running a little on the low side by the time they hit their set on Sunday afternoon I am hoping that their blend of crazy stage tricks and tunes will give me the lift I need to carry me on home.

Now I’ve got my camping ticket and 50 Cent is deffo down on the list all that’s left for me is to hit the days in a big way. I’ll be making sure I’ve slept enough and saved up the shekels to give it my all on what I hope will be 3 gorgeous days in Spring.

Mutiny takes place 27th-28th of May in Portsmouth. Tickets are available here.